An engaging, interactive course which can be tailored to your organisation

Carbon Literacy is a one-day training course covering essential climate change learning and is accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project.

The Carbon Literacy Project is a globally unique charity recognised by the United Nations at COP21 in Paris where it was awarded as a TAP100 (one of 100 worldwide Transformative Action Programmes).

Courses can be delivered to cover the general themes of climate change and sustainability or you can choose to work with us to develop a course specific to your industry or organisation.


More than just passive learning, Carbon Literacy makes climate change and sustainability accessible to everyone through video, activities and thought-provoking engagement.

After the course, you will understand the science of climate change, how climate change will affect you and the environment, both geographically and sectorally.

Finally, the course leaves you with the positive resources you need to engage in tackling climate change on a personal, organisational and global level.


How climate is likely to change and how this will affect us and the future of your particular sector.

Greenhouse Gases, weather and climate including the impact of your sector on climate change.

Understanding pathways to avoiding dangerous climate change.

Understanding climate justice and the geographical implications of climate change.

Carbon footprints and how our actions impact our personal carbon footprint and those of our organisation or community with particular reference to your sector.

What is already being done and what remains to be done including the adoption of green energy solutions, circular economies and relevant changes in your sector.

As a Communications Agency, we can also offer additional packages to organisations interested in showcasing their social and environmental sustainability. Content delivered can include photos, copy, PR, video, and inforgraphics.

More Information:

This course is a one-day training suitable for individuals and organisations and requires no prerequisite qualifications. Training can be delivered in-house or at a location suitable for your organisation.

Following the successful completion of the course, each learner is awarded a uniquely-coded Carbon Literacy certificate to reference that achievement.

Regular open training sessions for individuals to attend are held in central Manchester at: The Old Bank Residency, Hanover St, Manchester M4 4AH.

Please contact for details of pricing.