Innovative, Evidenced-Based Wellbeing Training

We provide an innovative and evidence-based approach to workplace wellbeing which moves beyond mental health first aid to embed mental and physical wellbeing into your organisational culture. 


Mental Health Training for Organisations

One-off training courses can raise awareness of mental health issues but a ‘whole-systems’ approach is needed to create real, measurable change where productivity and employee engagement can flourish.

With our expertise in wellbeing, we will train specific members of your staff on a quarterly basis as Wellbeing Ambassadors.  They will act as the cornerstone of our strategy.

Wellbeing Ambassadors will not be trained as experts or counsellors, but as motivational mentors who inspire colleagues to take simple, regular action which stimulates and maintains good mental and physical health.

This unique approach extends the NHS ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ strategy into evidenced-based activities which have been shown to lead to substantial, positive change.

This leads to improved recruitment and retention, attendance, engagement, brand image and sustainable productivity amongst your employees.

A Charity Partnership

As part of our training strategy, we have found that linking some of these wellbeing activities to a local charity has substantial benefits.  Evidence shows that ‘giving’ in the form of fundraising or connecting with a charitable cause has a significant positive effect on mental health and wellbeing.

We embed this approach into our training of Wellbeing Ambassadors, not only for the benefit of staff wellbeing but to create a thriving CSR program. 

A Communications Partnership

As a communications agency, we can also offer an additional package to extend your charity relationship into a strategy which leads to substantial reputational enhancement for your organisation.  We can provide content and assets including photos, short videos, PR and copy which you can share across your marketing channels to demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility.

How Does it Work?

1. There will be a one day workshop per quarter for Wellbeing Ambassadors where they will be trained in evidenced-based wellbeing activities to share with their colleagues. They will also be provided with a manual and communications materials to ensure engagement is high.

2. Each week Wellbeing Ambassadors will provide an hour of activities in the workplace to embed a transformative shift in mindset for colleagues.

3. If you request comms support to showcase your wellbeing and fundraising activities we can provide packages to meet your needs and budget. Please enquire.

Our Key Objectives

1. To develop employee’s emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience is about dealing well with life’s challenges, stressful situations and crises.

2. To develop employee’s life skills.

Life skills increase empathy with others and the ability to express individual needs. Solving problems and making good decisions under pressure.

3. To support employees to be healthier and more active.

There is a strong correlation between poor mental and health and poor physical health. One may be caused by the other and create a downward spiral.

4. To promote your CSR through social media and marketing.

We can document our work together via photos, short videos and stories.  These assets will be available for positive social media mentions and sharing and PR across your marketing channels.  The impact of this kind of publicity cannot be overstated.

The Benefits:

Employee Engagement:

Recruiting top-performing employees and keeping them happy is a priority of all thriving companies.  Investing in an employee wellbeing strategy improves employee engagement by boosting productivity, ethical behaviour, gratitude to the organization, and pride in their work.


With employees more engaged in their work and more pleased with the corporate culture, their morale will naturally be higher.  This leads to less time and productivity lost to illness, lateness, or extended breaks and lunches, as well as lower turnover rates.


This generally positive attitude in the workplace extends beyond just the rank-and-file employees.  When a wellbeing program brings together people from all levels of the organization – from the board room to reception – everyone feels like they are working together toward a common goal.  This feeling of effective teamwork will extend beyond the wellbeing program to positively influence other aspects of their work.