In brief, our work helps others do good work .
We’re a creative training and communications consultancy that inspires behaviour change in areas which deliver environmental, social and commercial benefits.

We offer accredited training in sustainability and wellbeing and can offer communications packages to showcase this training to the benefit of your brand and your people.

We embed a shift in mind-set that persuades people to think and act differently.
  • Through creating inspirational training which goes beyond the norm to engage and transform behaviour.
  • By developing communication materials which engage and inspire, showcasing your training to employees, customers and stakeholders.
Bespoke Service

Training Packages

We combine inspirational training with engaging communications so you can demonstrate your organisation’s social responsibility in the clearest possible way.


    • Training which inspires and delivers real, sustainable behaviour change.
    • Communications which showcase and demonstrate your commitment to environmental and social responsibility.
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Communicating your Social Responsibility

Alongside our training  we deliver communication packages which showcase your commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

We deliver:

  • Communications which engage and breathe authenticity into your brand and organisation.

  • From copy, images, infographics and video we have an expert team to deliver the assets that you need.
Essential Climate Change Training
An engaging, interactive one-day course covering essential climate change learning.

  • Our courses can be tailored to your particular needs and sector.
  • The training is accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project, a globally unique charity recognised by the United Nations at COP21 in Paris where it was awarded as a TAP100 (one of 100 worldwide Transformative Action Programmes).

Organisational Training for Wellbeing

"Poor mental health is the single biggest cause of lost days at work in the UK, costing an average of £1,035 per employee per year."   

Rather than a one off training day, we train staff as motivational mentors to inspire colleagues to take simple, regular actions which maintains good mental and physical wellbeing.

This leads to an embedded change of behaviour with improved recruitment and retention, attendance, engagement and brand image.

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