In brief, our work helps others do good work .
We’re a strategic and creative training and communications consultancy that harnesses evidence-based solutions to inspire behaviour change in areas which deliver environmental, social and commercial benefits. The common thread through every project is our blend of evidence-based strategy, innovative ideas and ground-breaking creative delivery.
We embed a shift in mind-set that persuades people to think and act differently.
  • By translating hard science into clear, digestible information.
  • Through creating and presenting educational programmes and training sessions.
  • By developing communication materials which engage and inspire employees, customers and stakeholders.
Bespoke Service

Recent Projects

We understand that every behaviour change and sustainability challenge is unique, with no one-size-fits-all solution. We draw on our areas of expertise to help you achieve your specific goals.


  • Training which inspires and delivers real, sustainable behaviour change.
  • Communications which reap the rewards of positive change with audience engagement and staff loyalty.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

“Corporate social responsibility is no longer an option — it is emphatically and indisputably a must-do.” Cone Communications & Echo Research.

We deliver:

  • Evidence-based solutions and research.

  • Inspirational training which covers your particular CSR goals.

  • Communications which engage and breathe authenticity into your brand and organisation.

Sustainability & Carbon Literacy

A single day’s Sustainability training in partnership with The Carbon Literacy Project.

Our courses can be tailored to your particular needs and are designed to engage, empower and transform thinking and behaviours whilst improving organisational profile, enhancing competitiveness and reducing commercial risk.

The Carbon Literacy Project was selected from a global field at the UN Climate Change summit (COP21) in Paris and is one of the four aims of the Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

"Poor mental health is the single biggest cause of lost days at work in the UK, costing an average of £1,035 per employee per year."   

One off training courses raise awareness of mental health issues but our ‘whole-systems’ approach embeds mental wellbeing into your organisational culture.

We train staff as motivational mentors who inspire colleagues to take simple, regular action which stimulates and maintains good mental health.

This leads to improved recruitment and retention, attendance, engagement, brand image and sustainable productivity amongst employees.

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